Majestic Don Giovanni

Gender: Male

Date Of Birth: 11 November 2018

Registration nr: 208333KN1803937

KNN Status: Mainbook

Colour: Dark bay Fewspot

Maturation Height: height: 16.3-17hands

Overall Score: 9/10


Don Giovanni was evaluated as a yearling colt by the international Danish inspectors. The following statements were made by the judges: he is a colt of good type whom scored 9 for frame and movement. Big frame. Expressive head. Well set on neck. Very good shoulder and withers. Good topline. Well-shaped croup, at the moment croup high. Correctly aligned clean limbs of proportionate substance with good definition of the joints. Good walk. Very good trot and canter.

Apart from him being of very high quality he is also a very rare type few spot, homozygous for the LP, but most important the PATN1 gene complex is also present since he is out of a bold leopard spotted dam and sire. The latter means that he will not only breed spotted horse characteristics like white sclera and striped hooves with white coat hairs, but the actual spotted pattern. He will be kept intact by the stud for future competition and stud purposes.