Majestic Don Antonio

Gender: Colt

Date Of Birth: 01 10 2023

Registration nr: pending

KNN Status: pending

Colour: Bay Leopard

Maturation Height: 16.1


Majestic Don Antonio is one of our latest 3rd generation South African purebred Knabstrupper colts. He is a typical baroque type with short powerful steps that gives power in the higher movement work, but with elegance to make him seemly to the modern eye. He will be a joy to teach since he is so well balanced, physically and emotionally, with enough energy to make him enthusiastic about his work! A clever specimen originating from some of the oldest classical Knabstrupper lines in the world! His dam, a German imported Knabstrupper mare approved by the KNN with full pedigree, and his sire, our very special elegant Majestic Don Giovanni, a son by the late Figaro af Hallundbaek, known for his incredible potency as a Danish breeding stallion. This colt will be any classical trainers dream project right here in South Africa!