Training and Schooling at the stud

We provide this service to all our horses, but to the select few clients since we do this on a personal level. One needs a special eye and feel to train a horse and person (rider/handler). We have developed this skill over the years to a level where we can obtain results through the least amount of pressure. Our horses are willing to work and they are connected to their rider/handler. We work with knowledgeable international/national instructors on a monthly basis to further our horses/clients and stud personal. However the true instructor is the horse whom will teach you the feel.

Preparing the youngster for in-hand shows is part of the test and we are known to achieve very good results. Our horses handle the preparation work well, loading traveling and the actual show environment. We also have the “recipe” when it comes to feeding and managing the show youngster naturally and healthily to obtain the best results.

Preparing youngsters mentally and physically for backing is the foundation of any work horse. We have also fine-tuned these techniques over the years with the incorporation of different training techniques.

Backing of the young horse is only done by professionals either at the stud depending on the number of horses or by an approved outside person which we can relate to.

Schooling is continued at the stud to lay a solid foundation that the client, may it be on one of our horses or not, can build on.

We are exceptionally fond of at-liberty work and training out of the box for higher degree movements. We enjoy clients whom can relate to the “horse” and not the show achievement per se.

We enjoy our horses and they enjoy us!