Spelling and Livery

After perfecting our management system we started to take in the individual client with specific needs. We are well equipped to handle any type of horse although we select our clients. We have a wide selection of young horses of both genders from foals at foot to weanling, yearling and 2 years of age, mares dry & wet and stallions. We have grown some of the most well-known horses in this country for our clients. Horses and owners have different requirements and since we are adaptable with extensive knowledge we can make it work!

Specialized service with good quality products and equipment comes with a price. We are not a typical stud farm set-up and we pride ourselves in “the proof is in the pudding”. Our food quality is exceptional and unique, our handling is custom and with ample practical experience in most facets of horses there is very few situations that comes as a problem. We won’t lie a challenge is stimulating, but so is the resolution of it!