Reproductive Services

We are trained in stallion handling, semen collection and semen processing for short (chilled) or long (cryopreserved) term storage.  We mostly perform these procedures on our own stud horses, but are willing to offer these services to the outside clients since the Western Cape has limited semen collection facilities and hardly any cryopreservation facilities. However stallions should be well behaved and well trained prior to semen collection procedures with all the necessary tests up to date. We have extensive knowledge of spermatology and on-site equipment to process semen for storage or artificial insemination purposes. Artificial insemination can also be performed on site with all the necessary equipment and expertise. Our boarding facilities are suitable for stallions or mares. We have an on-site equine vet to help with certain invasive procedures and hormonal treatments that guarantees a good team of specialists and good results. Our environment is relaxed and informal, perfectly suited for reproductive events.

Breeding horses should not be stressed since this will adversely affect breeding success. We thrive in obtaining good results to please the owner, but also keeping the horses happy through a holistic approach. Breeding is not only about the technical aspects, but also the emotional state of the horse. We have been offering these services for the last 5 years to selected clients and with exceptional success especially to problematic breeding animals. We have bred some of the most well-known horses, which include Warmbloods, Knabstruppers and Frisians specifically, in the country for our clients. This enabled us to obtain even more practical knowledge when dealing with different breeds since they also differ in certain reproductive parameters. We only offer this service to a selected few since it requires a hands-on approach.