Sold Horses

We have sold multiple horses over the years since we have been in the horse industry for the last 30 years although we only breed a few selected foals each year. We are proud of the standard that we have set and the “name” that we have put out there. Horses are matched with owners and as our knowledge grew within the industry we realized for the ultimate success rate you need to match horse and owner efficiently. This takes time not money, a thorough understanding of the horse and its required potential “person”, and analytical skills with lots of patience. Only then the horse and owner together can thrive to be a successful team. We walk the road with our clients, might it be gravel or paved. Every horse has a “special” person and thus we do not retain horses on a permanent basis, only until he or she has found their person.

However until that time we provide each and every horse with the same level of quality in terms of management, training and schooling. Every horse goes through a consistent stud system which enables them to become the best they can. The stud’s support system reaches far with some of the most well-known breeders, riders, trainers and instructors. Certain set factors determine the price of the individual horse raised in our specific expertise management system which is always within reason. We have done the intense selection and we guarantee a good healthy individual that is hardy, sensible, talented and beautiful absolutely unique to the horse world.

Majestic Phantom’s Opera

Majestic Niklaus

Majestic Fedora

Majestic Andromeda

Majestic Royal Highness Rose

Majestic Cleoselene

Majestic White Walker

Majestic Don Elveira