Stallions & Colts

At the Majestic Knabstrupper Stud we have two fully performance tested imported Danish KNN main book Knabstrupper stallions. The two stallions are completely diverse specimens and each offers unique qualities that widen our genetic diversity at the stud. Figaro af Hallundbaek is world-wide known as a proven sire and performance individual that produces a more refined type riding horse with a willingness to do higher level of arena work. Sartor Amadeus is a baroque type that originates from historic lines that offers the necessary quality to produce the original cavalry type with improved bone, length of rein and overall hardiness for intense work. Both stallions have the colour genetics of the true spotted pattern in black that the breed is known for.

Our youngest at the stud, Majestic Don Giovanni, is a main book Knabstrupper colt that has been kept for his superior quality that scored an overall 9. He is athletic, correct and willing with an easy going temperament. He is also a few spot with the PATN gene complex that will produce expressive colour. This young colt has the potential to be one of the world’s most influential stallions in the near future! We are proud to have him here with us. We do not allow outside coverings since we believe in selecting the mare for the stallion since breeding is after all a science that calls for specialised decisions that excludes emotion to some extent.