Majestic Dolce Vita

Gender: Female

Date Of Birth: 22 April 2019

Registration nr: 208333KN1900465 DKKN

KNN Status: Mainbook

Colour: Black

Maturation Height: 16.2 hands

Overall Score: 8/10


Dolce Vita was evaluated as a foal at foot by the international Danish inspectors. The following statements were made by the judges: Filly of good type whom scored a 9 for limbs. Pretty head. Well set on, well-shaped neck. Good shoulder and withers. Well-shaped, muscular croup. Correctly aligned limbs of proportionate substance with good definition of the joints. Good trot. Very good canter.

Dolce Vita is a modern, but dense Knabstrupper filly with quality to compete at high level dressage and jumping. Her parents (both imported) obtained high marks for both these sports during their ridden performance testing. She is flashy with black exterior and white markings.

Sold. She will be raised at stud according to our management system specific to sport type horses.