Majestic Swan

Gender: Female

Date Of Birth: 11 December 2018

Registration nr: 208333201803938

KNN Status: Mainbook

Colour: Black roan with spots

Maturation Height: 16.2 hands

Overall Score: 8/10


Swan was evaluated as a yearling by the international Danish inspectors. The following statements were made by the judges: Yearling filly of good type. Expressive head. Well set on neck. Good shoulder and withers. Good topline. Well-shaped croup. Limbs of proportionate substance, correctly aligned behind. The movement is good in walk, trot and canter.

Swan is an exceptional filly with presence, but the most exquisite temperament! She is so intrigued with work and loves interaction. A truly one of a kind horse and we are excited to retain her and present her for full licensing.