Majestic CleoSelene

Gender: Female

Date Of Birth: 03 08 2019

Registration nr: 208333KN1903145 DKKN

KNN Status: Mainbook

Colour: Black

Maturation Height: 16 hands

Overall Score: pending


CleoSelene will be evaluated during the next international inspection since she was born late in the season and missed the 2019 inspection.

Selene is anexpressive very correct filly with substance. She is a purebred Knabstrupper and has the advantage of great temperament suitable for amateur to advanced rider. She will also make an exceptional candidate for higher level classical dressage training with a natural ability to “sit” with strong haunches.Her parents (both imported) obtained exceptional marks for ride ability and their temperaments are willing, kind and sensitive. This will be a definite show, jumping and dressage prospect.